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I grew up on Harris Road. I learned to ride my bike in the church parking lot out back. I met my first boyfriend (at age three) in that neighborhood – and paid him too. We owned Satan’s dog while living on the end of that quaint street. Seriously, we all know where Napoleon is today. I met incredible friends there at a very young age and we remain close. I would not be who I am today without that house, that church, and that community.

Willow Street is near and dear to my heart. It’s a quiet street in a beautiful town where my grandpa grew up. It represents family, grace, perseverance, love, respect, and heritage. Every time I’m there I remember how drastically different my life could be had God not reached out and firmly planted Himself in the way. In the very least, it’s what I hope to gain and build upon in myself, my marriage, and my home.

I live in West Michigan with my husband, Patrick, and our baby boy, Maddox Ryne. If you ask  Patrick, he’ll say our son was named after Greg Maddux and Ryne Sandberg of the Chicago Cubs. He’s lying.

I spend most of my time proving to be the poster child for the INFP personality type: founding multiple businesses in mere minutes and accepting Oscars, all via daydreams; and craving and valuing deep human connection while tiring easily from too much of said interaction. My love languages are coffee, chocolate, and kind words. I grew up in the church and have never known my life without Jesus. But it’s in the recent years that I’ve discovered the value of the Church and what it means to live a life of relational ministry.

My life is messy. I’m clumsy, awkward and indecisive; and I’m learning to embrace it. Contentment is a journey. It comes in many forms. From cups of coffee to quiet nights with close friends, I am on a journey to recognize the moments I often fail to notice.