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Besties, Babies, and the Bridge

Alyssa insisted we do the shower today. I told her I wasn’t ready, but all the guests told me this was the only day that could work. So we approached the cafe that I had never seen yet booked, a dark building with hardly any windows. They didn’t close the cafe for us. Not only were we not alone, it was also the early bird special so the Q-Tip tour had packed it out. The walls and chairs were covered in deep dark hideous velvet. I began to sob. Uncontrollable sobbing. My best friend’s baby shower was ruined. I had no decorations, no menu, no gifts, just lots and lots of velvet and ladies in red hats who gave us more stink eyes than I could count.

That’s when I woke up and realized the shower was still days away. Wowsers, that was close.

That day was last Saturday, and it was perfect. I started my trip on Thursday evening after work and finally made it to Marion early Friday afternoon. I had roughly 24 hours to prepare for the shower, and because of the location I was able to spend those hours with my family. I mean, really. Look at this gorgeous venue!¬†The Bridge¬†took care of everything for us, providing beautiful centerpieces, delicious food, made-to-order drinks, and most importantly, a space for Alyssa’s friends to gather and celebrate her new adventure and her sweet baby girl!


Ashley Cooper

I strive to find joy in each ordinary day.

  • Cindy Buck

    I have enjoyed reading your blog entries. You are a talented writer for sure. I love your sense of humor, transparency, and spiritual insight. You know how to share Truth without being overly complicated or abstract which is so fun and easy to read. Keep writing! It feeds my soul and I am sure it does others as well.
    Cindy Buck

    March 19, 2016 at 2:47 pm Reply

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