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Calm and Chaotic

It has been over a month since anything has been posted on Harris and Willow. Part of this is severe procrastination. But mostly I have been overwhelmed. In just a few short weeks, our friends moved, we’ve begun to move, and I’m prepping for (very minor) surgery tomorrow.

As an obvious introvert, I have come to thrive in quiet moments when I can pour some iced coffee and dive into my writing. But this month Patrick and I have both been on the go nonstop. From meetings to gatherings with friends to packing, there hasn’t been much time for down time.

Last Saturday was no different. I was behind on absolutely everything. We woke up early so I could walk in a 3K Color Run while the pregnant lady carrying her 3 year old lapped me. No shame. I spent the entire afternoon rendering and re-rendering a video for church. When the video was not complete before an evening on the lake with friends, I carried my computer with me and spent the entire 30 minute drive fighting tears because I was still fighting with this ridiculously simple project and I just wanted to enjoy my evening. After arriving, I was still preoccupied. This video had to be done in just over 12 hours – most of which I would surely enjoy sleeping through.

We walked down to the water to climb into a canoe so I could take in the scenery and Patrick could paddle for the both of us. And it hit me: this moment of stillness. Those few moments gave me an opportunity to remember the very reason I started this blog: to recognize the extraordinary moments of every day life. How many times had I passed a sunset or ignored the perfect weather? How many times had I taken friendships for granted and the endless amounts of people who offered to help us move, paint, and pack?

Today I am thankful for friendships. I’m grateful for God’s creation. And I’m overwhelmed by the gift of both.


Ashley Cooper

I strive to find joy in each ordinary day.

  • Lori DeNeff

    Thanks for your humor in the mundane and the reminder. He is present.

    May 26, 2016 at 8:56 am Reply

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