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Showers (of the Spring and Baby Kind)

I often tell myself that I won’t blog unless I have something thought-provoking or funny to say. But I don’t want to forget these little moments that are actually very big. I don’t want to grow old without remembering this beautiful (yet messy) life of mine and the wonderful people who fill it. So here is a diary entry of sorts:

I got to spend the weekend with my very dear friends from college. There were six girls, five babies, and tons of laughter that filled the Barrow Lakehouse in three short days. They even threw me a beautiful baby shower. In true friendship fashion, we changed into cute clothes for the occasion and a few good pictures and promptly returned to yoga pants and sweatshirts.

Even though it stormed the majority of the weekend, we had such a great time reminiscing over college days, catching up on things we’ve missed, and chasing five littles throughout the house. I am so grateful for weekends like this and the people that fill them.

Ashley Cooper

I strive to find joy in each ordinary day.

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