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Second Street

On two different shopping trips in my college days I was told exactly where to go – specific corners or shelves – as I entered a store. I was ushered away from merchandise I was getting ready to carry into the fitting room and sent to the clothes “meant for me” based on my size. I was really puzzled and confused why someone would drag me away from something I was clearly interested in. Both times my confidence plummeted and I left empty-handed.

This has been a constant reminder in my mind when I choose products and displays for the shop. I never want you to feel unwelcome or out of place. I hope you’re never told where to go when you don’t ask for help. Whether you’re here for a pair of earrings or a new dress; whether you’re buying a candle for a new homeowner or a vase for your party; whether you’re window shopping or replenishing an entire season’s worth of clothes, know that you’re welcome. Always. This space is meant to bring people together.

Please take pictures in front of our fun floral wall. Grab coffee next door and wander around and make mental notes for your next birthday gift. Try on whatever the heck you want. Shopping small is an experience. We’ve had this mantra from the beginning and it influences every decision we make: we hope that you feel welcome whenever you visit and that you leave a little happier than when you arrived. 

Ashley Cooper

I strive to find joy in each ordinary day.

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