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A Wedding Prayer

We were married three years ago today. We were very aware and intentional of the people we asked to participate in the day. From the couple who prepared our communion to our bridal party, we were blessed to be surrounded by loved ones. Patrick's sister read scripture. Our closest friends and their spouses served communion. My brother began the ceremony with a greeting. And my dad married us. One part of our ceremony that I will forever treasure is my grandpa's...

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The {Messy} Art of Intentionality

On March 17th, it happened again. That moment where I read exactly what I needed to read. Patrick and I were in the middle of a disagreement. It had been one of those weeks where we had about thirteen and a half seconds in between work, meetings, and youth to look at each other and say "Hi! How was your day? What's for dinner?" Between prior engagements, work obligations, and general busyness of day-to-day life, we had failed to have any...

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When Cooper Met Ashley

Who likes being set up on dates? Me either. That’s why it’s a Christmas miracle that Patrick and I got together. In the beginning of Fall 2011, I was sitting at my parents’ kitchen table as I overheard our friend Amy talking about Cooper from work (It took me a solid month to learn his first name). While the staff at our church had grown a great deal, I still knew names pretty well so I was confused. “Who’s Cooper?” Amy didn’t skip...

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