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Fear and Sadness and Skiing

Work was less of a success and more of a minute-by-minute juggling act one week last month. Most evenings had busy meetings or demanding commitments. Being an introvert and also fairly new to working again, I was in desperate need for alone time. I get energy from cozy blankets and quiet atmospheres - quite opposite of Patrick, who craves people and busyness. The movie "The Martian"? That will be my heaven. Jesus will be like "Here's your own planet. Holler...

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Celebrate the Mess

I am beginning my fifth full month of unemployment. The charter school that I worked for (and absolutely loved) officially closed leaving five of us to find other opportunities. For some, this was a good thing and offered a transition into retirement or other administrative careers. For me, this change led to a demotion. I became a Professional Couch Potato where I internally rated every Netflix feature known to mankind while my dusty stationary bike sat alone in the corner....

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