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Breaking Bread

Tonight, I'm sitting in our sunroom with all the windows open, and I'm thinking about our summer. It was packed with meetings, surgeries, trips, and camps. But it was also packed with people. I loved every minute of youth group this summer. While our house will never be quite perfect enough for guests (I'm my mother's child), students came over almost every week this summer and played yard games and made s'mores. They don't count as guests because they'd probably...

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Our lives have been absolute chaos lately. We've moved (a mile away) and have had several youth events since my last post. Camp. Camp. District Conference. Holland. A missions trip. And countless hours around bonfires with friends and students. And to top it all off, my husband got ordained in the Wesleyan Church almost a month ago. And while I can sit back and soak in what this day means, what it felt like to sit with friends and family and...

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