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DeVos & De Baby

There is something eerie about nighttime. Everyone is quiet. Everything is still. And when there is commotion, it feels chaotic yet incredibly lonely. Deep dark hours of the night have a tendency to swallow up any security I have. It's safe to say that things felt very insecure and uncertain when we rushed Maddie to the ER at 1:30am last Thursday morning. We had spent all day driving home from Indianapolis, turning a 5 hour drive into 10 hours. Maddox had...

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Surgery and the Lie That is Primetime Television

Let me start off by saying hospital drama shows are one ginormous lie. There is no good looking, charming anesthesiologist. He's actually a jerk. And he doesn't look anything like McDreamy. You don't have a heart to heart with your resident doctor and swap relationship advice. Real hospitals are ugly. And gross. I recently went under the knife for a minor nose surgery. Problems with migraines and breathing, and a 0.001% chance of smelling again were reason enough for me to...

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