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Surgery and the Lie That is Primetime Television

Let me start off by saying hospital drama shows are one ginormous lie. There is no good looking, charming anesthesiologist. He's actually a jerk. And he doesn't look anything like McDreamy. You don't have a heart to heart with your resident doctor and swap relationship advice. Real hospitals are ugly. And gross. I recently went under the knife for a minor nose surgery. Problems with migraines and breathing, and a 0.001% chance of smelling again were reason enough for me to...

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Picture Perfect

Her eyes were burning into the back of my head. I could feel it. I was standing in the checkout lane at Target. I had been driving for 8+ hours, was just over an hour from home, and I was wearing the same exact thing that I wore the day before; but by this time my leggings had stretched and were baggy. Like really baggy. Nearly parachute pants, it seemed. My hair was tied tightly on top of my head in a giant...

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