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The Darkest Hour

I have written and rewritten posts since December, but no draft ever made it to pen and paper. I'd wake up in the night with the perfect story to type up the next day. It was brilliant, thought-provoking, and beautiful. The next day I would check my notes and find this random misspelled list on my phone: Jerry magire Roller coaster Brain joke I am enough. I could sooner interpret the Icelandic language than I could decipher this message written to myself. I have no...

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The Unknown

Bravery is not exactly the word I think of to describe this picture. Floral epidemic? Yes. Velcro City? Definitely. But not bravery. I look petrified. I enter more experiences with these flushed cheeks than I care to admit. I battled for months about creating a blog because I wasn't quite sure how I felt about blogs. I couldn't even articulate why exactly I should have a blog. Then I realized I didn't need to justify it to anyone else. Yes, there...

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