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Besties, Babies, and the Bridge

Alyssa insisted we do the shower today. I told her I wasn't ready, but all the guests told me this was the only day that could work. So we approached the cafe that I had never seen yet booked, a dark building with hardly any windows. They didn't close the cafe for us. Not only were we not alone, it was also the early bird special so the Q-Tip tour had packed it out. The walls and chairs were covered...

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Fear and Sadness and Skiing

Work was less of a success and more of a minute-by-minute juggling act one week last month. Most evenings had busy meetings or demanding commitments. Being an introvert and also fairly new to working again, I was in desperate need for alone time. I get energy from cozy blankets and quiet atmospheres - quite opposite of Patrick, who craves people and busyness. The movie "The Martian"? That will be my heaven. Jesus will be like "Here's your own planet. Holler...

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