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The other day, I reminded my brother, Nick, of the time we met one of his first friends in Marion as they stood in our house nineteen years ago. NINETEEN. I told him what his friend was wearing and why I thought they'd never actually become friends after that. One day, while walking across our college campus, my friend received a phone call from her mom. There was some back and forth and Grace relayed her social security number...

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Second Street

On two different shopping trips in my college days I was told exactly where to go - specific corners or shelves - as I entered a store. I was ushered away from merchandise I was getting ready to carry into the fitting room and sent to the clothes “meant for me” based on my size. I was really puzzled and confused why someone would drag me away from something I was clearly interested in. Both times my confidence plummeted and...

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Harris & Willow Meets Brick & Mortar

The INFP in me is a dreamer. Sometimes I have to remind myself to think big enough to dream but small enough to act. I live in a great community in West Michigan. I see so much opportunity here and I can't help but desire to be a part of it. It's something I can't shake and it's a vision I've had for months now: a retail shop in West Michigan. There are wonderful parks, restaurants, shops, and beaches in Muskegon....

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