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DeVos & De Baby

There is something eerie about nighttime. Everyone is quiet. Everything is still. And when there is commotion, it feels chaotic yet incredibly lonely. Deep dark hours of the night have a tendency to swallow up any security I have. It's safe to say that things felt very insecure and uncertain when we rushed Maddie to the ER at 1:30am last Thursday morning. We had spent all day driving home from Indianapolis, turning a 5 hour drive into 10 hours. Maddox had...

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Sweet Assurance

We were wrapping up our 36 week ultrasound, which had to have been our 7th one. Truly. With high blood pressure, my doctor was overly cautious. We were so appreciative of this attentiveness. We loved our Tech too, but she was unusually quiet during this appointment. "You're seeing your doctor today?" she asked. We nodded. I had a passing thought - but that's all it was: a thought. And it wasn't enough to really complete an entire idea and definitely not something...

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The Unknown

Bravery is not exactly the word I think of to describe this picture. Floral epidemic? Yes. Velcro City? Definitely. But not bravery. I look petrified. I enter more experiences with these flushed cheeks than I care to admit. I battled for months about creating a blog because I wasn't quite sure how I felt about blogs. I couldn't even articulate why exactly I should have a blog. Then I realized I didn't need to justify it to anyone else. Yes, there...

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