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(Photo credit: Cara Dee Photography) My uncle was just as much a part of my life as my aunt was. He'd brave freezing cold Lake Huron with me when everyone else sat on the shore. He cheered on my dance recitals and plays just as much as the rest of my family. He'd take my brother and me to county fairs and even hauled a ginormous red stuffed dog home from Florida because my brother won it fair and square and...

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Celebrate the Mess

I am beginning my fifth full month of unemployment. The charter school that I worked for (and absolutely loved) officially closed leaving five of us to find other opportunities. For some, this was a good thing and offered a transition into retirement or other administrative careers. For me, this change led to a demotion. I became a Professional Couch Potato where I internally rated every Netflix feature known to mankind while my dusty stationary bike sat alone in the corner....

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